Business Ethics Policy

In carrying out processes connected with the business activity consisting in the production of polyurethane products and additives for their processing, the Management Board of Polychem Systems Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter: “Company”), undertakes to:

1. With respect to employees

  • Comply with the legal requirements set out in Polish law and the regulations set out in the documents of the International Labour Organisation, including:
    • voluntary employment,
    • no compulsion to work,
    • job stability,
    • payment of wages and salaries as agreed,
    • working hours as agreed,
    • possibility of holding meetings, speaking engagements,
    • employing juveniles based on clearly defined terms that do not endanger their life and limb,
    • no discrimination on any grounds,
    • overtime work as agreed;
  • Enable employees to actively participate in company matters affecting them;
  • Ensure occupational health and safety and fire safety, particularly with regard to the machinery and equipment used, vehicles, chemicals and work at height;
  • Carry out activities to minimise occupational risks and apply mitigation measures resulting from occupational risks;
  • Minimise occupational health and safety incidents, particularly accidents;
  • Strive to improve working conditions,
  • Provide employees, through appropriate procedures, standards and regulations, with working conditions that enable them to perform their duties without conflict,
  • Nurture correct working relationships between company employees in terms of cooperation and communication.

2. With respect to the natural environment

  • Comply with the requirements set out in the relevant environmental legislation,
  • Operate in a way that ensures control over the environmental impacts,
  • Take steps to reduce negative environmental impacts, including minimising air emissions, waste generated, as well as energy, raw material and water consumption,
  • Promote a conscious approach to the proper management of natural resources, emissions and generated waste.

3. With respect to society and third parties

  • Respect the rights of society and third parties guaranteed by Polish law,
  • Recognise the feedback of society and third parties on the actions taken,
  • Allow statements to be made about the company’s operations,
  • Promote an ethical approach among society members and third parties,

4. With respect to business ethics:

  • Comply with relevant national and international regulations in working with suppliers and customers,
  • Protect intellectual property,
  • Protect data relevant to contractors,
  • Counteract corruption, unfair competition and unfair influence on third-party decisions,
  • Promote ethical behaviour among management staff, employees, associates and business partners.

President of the Management Board
Jerzy Rogalski

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