Pistons with polyurethane elastomer rings


Pistons designed for pipeline cleaning, removing water, condensate and dirt, separating pumped media, introducing detergents and calibrating the initial flow capacity. Developed for effective cleaning and high reliability and durability, they also keep the cleaning process straightforward.

One-way pistons with polyurethane elastomer rings

They enable intensive work in heavy-duty cleaning conditions and make it possible to separate various media. They exhibit minimal wear and tear even in harsh conditions; they also provide a solid seal and perform excellently in cleaning and scraping operations.

As a standard, pistons with polyurethane elastomer rings come fitted with four rings, but two- and six-ring variants are available on request. Optionally, the piston body may also be fitted with polyurethane discs or steel brushes to help scrape off deposits from the pipeline walls.

Two-way pistons with polyurethane elastomer rings

Designed for pipelines undergoing hydrostatic testing, these pistons are pushed through the pipeline by water, air or the medium being transported. The pistons are designed for two-way movement, making it possible to reverse them out of the pipeline. They can also be used as two-way cleaning pistons by fitting them with a brush.

Each piston is fitted with four or six rings. The front rings of the six-ring pistons are slightly smaller and thicker to better guide the piston in the pipeline.

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