Flexible polyurethane foam is relatively cheap to manufacture, which is why it is used in many areas. The diversity of use results in expectations concerning e.g. its hardness, mechanical durability or colour.

Pigment pastes and dyes can be added to the polyol mixtures or inserted directly into the mixing head, which makes it possible to produce detailed parts in practically all existing colours. Products based on aromatic isocyanates (e.g. MDI) change their colours when exposed to the UV radiation or oxidizing agents (e.g. NOx). In case of prodycts, whose life cycle is relatively short or whose changes of colour are not important, UV stabilizers and anti-oxidizing agents can be applied. It is worth rememberingt though that this solution slows down the processes related to the change of colour, but does not stop them. The only efficient method to protect colours is applying coatings, dedicated for the flexible polyurethane foam. Depending on the working conditions of the detailed part and the expected result, you can use the IMC technology (in-mould coating ) or coat the ready detailed product.

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