From 24 August 2023, before using a product containing diisocyanates, a proof of an appropriate training shall be required. The training is intended to increase workers’ awareness of good practice when working with diisocyanates, appropriate risk management measures and personal protective equipment.

The new guidelines shall apply to all professional and industrial users using products with a total diisocyanate monomer concentration of > 0.1% by weight. Consumer use is not covered.

A foreshadowing of the changes could already be seen on product labels – for several months now, many of them have included the note: As from 24 August 2023 adequate training is required befor industral or professional use.

How to complete the mandatory training?

The training can be completed online, via the platform

on which a table is available with the listed courses corresponding to the appropriate level and a video tutorial that shows step-by-step how to register for the training.

Three course levels are provided for users:

  1. Basic (level 1)
  2. Intermediate (level 2)
  3. Advanced (level 3)

How to choose the right training?

At first look at the training matrix. Next, check whether the duties match the description in the table placed next to level 3 (advanced), 2 (intermediate) or 1 (basic). If the duties cover the advanced level, it is not necessary to take a course at the basic and intermediate levels. The knowledge contained therein is covered in the Level 3 training.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Complete the training today!