Earth Day (22 April) is the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of our waste management responsibilities.

Any entrepreneur who generates waste other than municipal waste as part of their activities should remember to:

  • obtain an entry in the BDO (Waste database) register
  • store waste in accordance with the regulations in force and to keep up-to-date records of it
  • hand over waste for disposal only on the basis of a KPO (Waste Transfer Note) and only to entities that are authorised to do so
  • submit a report by 15 March on the waste generated in the previous calendar year
  • check whether the activity does not require an appropriate decision, e.g. in connection with the operation of a facility

How about a CE?

The concept of CE, or circular economy, is a way of consciously managing resources to reduce waste and save non-renewable natural resources. Taking care of the environment, which supplies the materials necessary for production every day, is in everyone’s interest and has a direct economic impact. After all, less wastefulness means more benefit for the company as a whole!

How can you look after the environment?

REDUCE – Reduce material and energy losses in production
DIGITALISE – If you can use virtual resources instead of material ones, do it!
LOOP – Loop the material cycle – recycle or reprocess failed products
SHARE – Use resource-sharing options, repair equipment rather than immediately replacing it with new, and choose second-hand products, e.g. fully working appliances that someone else no longer needs.
RENEW – Use renewable materials and energy sources where you can